the 2018 program
The Intensive Independent International Amateur Academy (IIIAA) is a summer program that offers a diverse range of lectures, workshops, seminars, conversations and experiences drawn from a wide network of friends. We are interested in exploring both the possibilities and the limitations that this framework provides and as such the IIIAA is as much an experiment for our ‘faculty’ as it is for our ‘students’. It is an opportunity for experts in specific fields as well as amateurs in many fields, who have not necessarily taught before, to explore ways of sharing information and knowledge.

The focus this year is on pursuing themes related to practical strategies for the tumultuous interactions
between humans, other forms of life and their inanimate surroundings and jokes.

Through an open call, we found 4 brilliant participants who took part in the 2018 edition:
Ada Rączka, Nina Kuttler, Jules Dumoulin and Julio Lugon.

The intense program started on the 5th of July and ended on the 2nd of August 2018 in a big celebration.

Day 01:  Welcome round with participants

Day 02:  One day production of a radio show with the artist Wilhelm Klotzek in the pirate radio studios

Day 03:  Getting Lost Finding Things - a day workshop with the artist Stefan Pente, Studio Südstern

Day 04:  Book Therapy - presentation by graphic designer Santiago da Silva in his studio in Neukölln
              Mediating Body and Brain - a lecture by the musician, artist and academic Alexandra Grübler,
              Studio Südstern
              Studio visit with the artist Adrien Missika in Neukölln

Day 05: The Way of Water - lecture of the physicist Aljoscha Rheinwalt (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact              Research and University of Potsdam), Studio Südstern
             Night Shooting - a photo shoot evening with the artist Christopher Filippini, on the road

Day 06: The Apparent Extent - Schinkel's Schweizerhaus, introduction to strollogy with author, composer and              curator Volker Zander, Studio Südstern
             Visit of the exhibition 'hello world' at the Hamburger Bahnhof with the graphic designer Santiago da                  Silva

Day 07:  Juice in the Framework of Institutions - Relationships in the Field of Cultural Production, lecture by                 Imke Kannegießer, Assistant Curator at the State Art Gallery Baden-Baden, Studio Südstern

Day 08:  Interim meeting with the four participants, Studio Südstern

Day 09: Re-eductional Sampler, a dialogue on parapolitical practice and biography in Drawing and Machine                  Embroidery. Seminar with the artist David Iselin-Ricketts, Studio Südstern

Day 10:  Glass as a Diva, Exploring the Unpredictability of Glass, and The Dishonesty of Steel - a day                      workshop with the artists Philipp Modersohn and Kasia Fudakowski, Studio Südstern

Day 11:  Re-eductional Sampler Part 2, Seminar with the artist David Iselin-Ricketts, Studio Südstern
              Presentations from the four participants, Studio Südstern

Day 12: Presentation of the curator Sophie Krogh Christensen, Studio Südstern
             Tapas Exposed - an afternoon of culinary immersion with the artist duo Real Madrid (Bianca Benenti              and Marco Pezzota)

Day 13: Animated Archives - Lecture by the architect Natalie P. Körner (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine             Arts, Schools of Architecture), Studio Südstern, followed by a visit to the Geo-scientific                                  Collection Spandau
           Footage review with the artist Christopher Filippini, Studio Südstern

Day 14: Precariously Secure with Insecurities, a studio visit to the artist and publisher Anna M.Szaflarski in                 Neukölln
            Northern Soul, cultural appropriation and working class love - a lecture and dance evening with Elisa             Aseva

Day 15: New Short Narratives - one day workshop including short film production with the artist Alvaro
            Urbano in his studio in Neukölln

Day 16:  Bodies of Law - Lecture and discussion with the artist and legal scholar Alida Müschen, Studio                     Südstern

Day 17: Geospeculations. An Introduction to Geophilosophical Metaphysics with the philosopher and author                  Daniel Falb, Studio Südstern

Day 18: dept for sale, writing workshop with the artist Sara Love,
            screening of 'Kuro' with Q and A with the director Joji Koyama, Studio Südstern

Day 19:  Reading club and workshop with the artist Ayami Awazuhara, Studio Südstern

Day 20: Feldenkrais with Silke Hofmann,
            ‘Certificate ceremony' and closing party, Studio Südstern












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