Proposed program (subject to change)

The program will start on the 5th of July and end on the 2nd of August 2018.
We are working on putting the timetable together. There wil be (at least) one event every weekday. Already confirmed sessions you can find in this google calendar here.

The Way of Water - session with physicist Aljoscha Rheinwalt, Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung and University of Potsdam.

Conducting the City, Urban Electrics, a one morning session on a construction site with electrician Christian Mertins.

Getting Lost Finding Things - a one day workshop with artist Stefan Pente

Three hours with artist Wilhelm Klotzek

Glass as a Diva, exploring the unpredictability of glass, and The Dishonesty of Steel - a one day workshop with artists Philipp Modersohn and Kasia Fudakowski.
Re-eductional Sampler, a dialog on parapolitical practice and biography in Drawing and machine Embroidery. (2 morning seminars) and Hart aber Fair, aber Wieso und So, erprobung and pastiche of the democratising TV panel in the BRD - an evening session with artist David Iselin-Ricketts

New Short Narratives - a short film project from start to finish and Space as a Performer, sound, textures and light, a one day workshop with artist Alvaro Urbano.

Animated Archives - a morning lecture and Berlin geological collection visit with architect Natalie P. Koerner, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture

Juice in the Framework of Institutions - Relationships in the Field of Cultural Production, one evening seminar with Imke Kannegießer, assistant curator Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.

Bodies of Law - lecture and discussion with artist and legal scholar Alida Müschen

Future Telling Futures - a one day workshop with artists Ayami Awazuhara and Vincent Van Uffelen.

Disaster Furniture & Architecture - morning seminar with Philipp Modersohn.
The Artist Talk as a ‘Performat’ - one day workshop exploring collateral activities within the professional artistic practice with Kasia Fudakowski

Book Therapy - A one hour lecture with graphic designer Santiago da Silva

Bringing Life to Life - session with midwife Juliane Ritzel

Night Shooting - a photographic evening with artist Christopher Filippini.

Horizontal Hospitality – Digital, Physical - a two hour workshop/discussion with curator Marenka Krasomil, NBK.

Mediating Body and Brain - one day workshop with musician and artist, performer Alexandra Grübler

As Yet Untitled - a discussion with Anna Sabrina Schmid, curator Kunsthaus Hamburg.

The Apparent Extent – Schinkel’s Schweizerhaus, - an excursion with author, composer and curator Volker Zander.

Precariously Secure with Insecurities, 3 hour brunch with artist Anna M. Szaflarski

Learning from a Comic - exercises in awkwardness with gallerist Laura Henseler (Ginerva Gambino, Cologne)

Geospeculations. An Introduction to Geophilosophical Metaphysics with philosopher Daniel Falb

Northern Soul, cultural appropriation and working class love - an afternoon with Elisa Aseva

Tapas Exposed - an afternoon of culinary immersion with artist duo Real Madrid (Bianca Benenti and Marco Pezzota)

Open night discussions every Thursday from 10pm-1am

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